Those Geeks You Know

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Geeky friends and former Family Video employees: Dave, Bob, Lauren, and Casey reflect on movies, comics, tv shows, and so much more!

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  1. Those Geeks You Know 102 - Would You Rather?

    Dave, Bob, Lauren, and Casey all get together for a roundtable discussion of 'Would You Rather?'. Instead of discussing things like "Would you rather lick dirt or gargle hot sauce?" They tend to take a much more geeky route. Enjoy the episode or would you rather just stare mindlessly at ...


  2. Those Geeks You Know Episode 101 - What If

    Casey, Bob, Lauren, and Dave got together and presented themselves with a series of What If scenarios? What if Batman was also Wolverine? What if Superboy was Spider-Man? What if...wait a second this is literally the Amalgam Universe from back in the 90s. So, our scenarios are waaaaay better than ...


  3. Those Geeks You Know Episode 100 - Most Dissapointing Films

    Casey, Dave, Lauren, and Bob have been reunited once again and this time under the old moniker of Those Geeks You Know. Yes, we're back baby! We figured we might as well just call it what it is. So yes, it's under the Towelite Talk umbrella but it's the same ...


  4. Episode 124.1 - Those Geeks at the Movies pt. 2

    You can listen to the first episode HERE Those Geeks You Know are back with the second part of their At the Movies series. They take on the 2nd half of 2019 with what they're looking forward to, what they think is probably going to be garbage, ...


  5. Episode 124 - Those Geeks at the Movies pt. 1

    It's been a DAY since the last time Those Geeks You Know got together for a reunion. Bob, Dave, Lauren, and Casey all jumped on the mic to talk about what movies they're excited to see in 2019. As usual, there's some heated debates as to whats good and what's ...